"to be a marine corps wife you have to be crazy, but in love, fearful, but strong, able and willing"

21 October 2010

I must admit I have a pretty awesome husband...

My handsome has duty today which means I'll be in my pj's all day, watching trashy tv that I never get to watch when he's home.... So anyways I'm new to this blogging thing and don't really know what to say which is weird because most times I can't keep from talking. So I guess today I'll write about my husband.

Paco is my world. We have a love that I can't seem to explain. He is my other half, best friend, soul mate, lover, lets just say he is my everything. When we are not together, we are texting or on the phone with each other. He has been the only person in my life who has never let me down. He is always there when I need him to be and it is so nice to know that the love we share is so passionate and deep. We totally get each other and even when we do disagree on some topics we come to the conclusion that  neither one of us is wrong. We just happen to view the world in a different light. I am so incredibly blessed to love, and be loved, the way we love each other. You will always find us laughing about something and we rarely fight. Even when we do fight I can't stay mad at him for an extended period of time, and it is a rule in our home that we are not allowed to go to bed mad. I can seriously say that I am the happiest girl in the world because of him. Paco makes me feel beautiful and sexy. He sees me in a light that not even I see and I know by the way he looks at me that I am the only girl in the world for him. He is sweet and romantic. Just looking at him melts my heart. The way he looks and touches me makes me feel so special. I am a very lucky and blessed to have him in my life. He is a great father to our children. Just seeing him with our boys is the best feeling in the world. I grew up in a single parent family, and I know that that will never happen to us. We are so different is uncanny. I am loud and outgoing. I love to talk and laugh, I can't stand being in the house, love to shop, and go out to eat. He is quiet, loves being at home, and doesn't care about the way he looks or what people think, loves to cook and work on our cars or around the house. We balance each other out and its just so amazing to me how different we are and at the same time we are so alike. We both value family and rarely disagree on how we are going to raise our kids. He is the fun parent, and I am the disciplinarian.

I don't know what I did to find such an AMAZING man. He is everything I never knew I always wanted.

My Handsome in 2008