"to be a marine corps wife you have to be crazy, but in love, fearful, but strong, able and willing"

20 November 2010

a little of this and that...

I haven't been on here much lately. Nothing exciting has really happened lately other then my wonderful husband getting me tickets to the WH1 Diva's USO Concert. I am really exicted to go. A lot of good bands, and performers are coming but I am most exicted to see Katy Perry. I am a huge fan of hers. Although, I must say I don't know what she was thinking when she married Russell Brand. Paco is going to watch the boys so that I can have a girls night out with my friends :)) I am so blessed to have a husband like him.

Paco took me to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight. I must say that I expected it to be better. It was long but I know it was just the beggining of the next movie. I hate that they cut it into two movies because now I have to wait for the next one to come out. Oh well. I swear I am such a dork. I love the books and the movies. Paco hates that I drag him to watch them all, but I think he secretly likes them. He'll never admit it to me though...

My Mom and brother Omar are coming to Cali for Thanksgiving and I am super excited. My brother has never been here and the boys are dying to see their "Omar Tio". They follow him around like he is the most amazing person ever. It's kind of funny to me that they are so close to him even though they hardly ever see him. He's always been good with kids so I guess it's to be expected. Him and I never got along growing up and now that we both have kids it's easier for us to laugh, talk, and be happy around each other. It's nice that we are on the same page now and that the relationship we never had growing up is solidifying into something more. I like it and hope that things keep getting better between us. We shall see, I don't think he likes the fact that I call him out all the time. I need to try and stop that...

Well I just wanted to give a quick update I'll be back soon. Good night :)

Jackie P